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The crap that has been my week )

In unrelated, non-complaint-oriented news, [ profile] yurodivuie and I will be prancing our ways through the sky to Dallas, TX next Thursday in order to facilitate the geekiest bachelor party ever: an all-night Exalted one-shot, which we will be co-GMing.
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I've been fighting a low-level migraine all day, the sort that [ profile] yurodivuie described quite aptly in this post. Fortunately for my evening plans, 99% of my migraines start in the morning (usually I wake up with/because of it) and taper off around 4-5 pm. Here's hoping the pattern holds.
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PAX setup last night. Tired and sore already. Four more days to go. Rock 'n' roll, baby.
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Today was crap.


Jan. 10th, 2006 08:58 am
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Unlike all the other people in the world, who were delighted to return to their jobs this week, my weekend was far too short. Somebody should do something about that.

Also, Kamikaze Girls materializes on dvd today. Rock.
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Rarely do I go into a movie already expecting it to be horrible, only to find out that it's hundreds of times worse than could possibly have been imagined. Bloodrayne was such a movie. I can easily say it was within the top 10 worst movies I have ever seen, without even bothering to stop and think about what the other 9 might be.

The only fitting reply to a movie like this would be to have Uwe Boll beaten, stabbed, shot, strangled, crucified, drawn and quartered, and burned to ash (using every copy of every movie he's ever made as the underlying fuel for the fire). Then you would need to take the ashes, use them to make a cement from which you made a statue of Uwe Boll, which would then be smashed to dust with sledge hammers just before the planet it's on (preferably not Earth) is destroyed in a nuclear holocaust, followed by its sun going supernova.

Seriously. This movie made Van Helsing look like an epic masterwork.
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Bad News: I stayed up late last night, despite already being very tired.

Good News: I stayed up late last night because I was watching Serenity again.

Bad News: I have to work today, like I always do on Saturdays.

Good News: I get off work at noon instead of 5:30 pm today.

Bad News: I need to make a grocery store/Best Buy run on Christmas Eve day.

Good News: My roommates are gone, so I can use their car to do this.

Bad News: You had to read this Bad News/Good News post.

Good News: It's over.
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Every now and then I get to experience the mixed displeasure and pride that comes when a band whose music I've been listening to for years starts to really make it big. It's not the bigness itself that brings displeasure but the many annoying complications it brings with it. Tonight, Against Me! had to be placed on the list in my brain for "Bands You Have to Buy Tickets in Advance to See." I've seen them five times in the last three years, and this has never been the case, but tonight it was. Of course, I only found out the show was sold out after the bartender at Neumos told me it wasn't and I had stood outside for two hours waiting to pay my money to get in.

So, Jesse and I went to a coffee shop for an hour or so, and then he and Elaine gave me a ride home. It'll be nice not to be exhausted at work tomorrow, but that is far outweighed by the sadness of the fact that I am not rocking out right now. Oh well.

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