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I'd gotten really good about exercising by walking/jogging around Greenlake while the weather was still nice, but that went into sharp decline as the days turned dark and the weather turned foul. While I'm still able to get out there on occasion (Sunday was a beautiful example), it became obvious quickly that if I was going to maintain any sort of regular workout regimen, I was going to have to join a gym. So yesterday I did just that.

It's overpriced for what I'm getting, especially compared to the big chain gyms, but it's two blocks from the apartment and has everything I actually need. The barriers that will keep me from exercising are extremely low, so having a gym that is 98% as easy to use as the trail around the lake is paramount and worth the extra expense, for now at least.

On an unrelated note, some friends of mine from the Seattle punk community wanted to get into roleplaying and knew that I was really immersed in that world, so they asked me to run a game for them. I pitched a handful of things, and it looks like we're going to be playing Burning Wheel starting in a couple of weeks. I'm going to run The Sword as a way of introducing them to the system, and then we'll discuss the overall campaign and get things rolling. I'm pretty excited.
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In a mind-blowing twist after yesterday's commentary on co-workers working from home, I worked from home today and drank tea with honey with it. However, my reasons for not leaving the house had nothing to do with ice and/or snow.

Recorded in grotesque detail for my own amusement. You probably don't want to read this. )

Something brought to my attention today that I had forgotten since I've been wearing earplugs when I sleep for the past year and a half: One of my cats snores a little in her sleep. It's frickin' cute.
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I got up an hour earlier than usual this morning so that I could go to the downtown Group Health (my HMO) facility to get a flu shot at 8 am. I told my manager I might be late getting into work this morning (I normally arrive at about 8:45) because I had no idea how long getting the flu shot would take. As it turns out, I got to Group Health at 7:50, and they were already open. The whole shebang (paperwork, the shot itself, etc.) took less than 5 minutes. I stopped and got a breakfast sandwich at Specialties Bakery (which was awesome), and I still got to work thirty minutes earlier than I usually do. The flu shot itself hurt a little more while being administered than I remember as being normal, but there has been absolutely no soreness since, so I'm okay with the trade-off.

The Macbook is working out really well. I've gotten the hang of most of the little OS X oddities that I wasn't used to before, and it's nice to be able to hang out in the living room with David and Dawn in the evening and actually still do things on the computer at the same time. I ended up ordering the Sumo Cases Macbook sleeve. I never really decided which one I liked best of the several different sleeves I was looking at, so the deciding factor ended up being that I could get the Sumo through Amazon, where I had a gift certificate from my birthday.

Of course, this means I won't be using the gift certificate to purchase the new ultra-remastered, bit-rate-so-high-we-broke-it-up-into-two-disks edition of Seven Samurai, but such is life, I suppose.
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The crap that has been my week )

In unrelated, non-complaint-oriented news, [ profile] yurodivuie and I will be prancing our ways through the sky to Dallas, TX next Thursday in order to facilitate the geekiest bachelor party ever: an all-night Exalted one-shot, which we will be co-GMing.
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I've been fighting a low-level migraine all day, the sort that [ profile] yurodivuie described quite aptly in this post. Fortunately for my evening plans, 99% of my migraines start in the morning (usually I wake up with/because of it) and taper off around 4-5 pm. Here's hoping the pattern holds.
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I can't believe it's already been a week since the 1st non-setup day of PAX. Ack. My feet just stopped hurting this morning. I still need to post the 2nd half of my con report, and I will. I promise. For real.

My apologies to my Thursday night gaming group for missing the game last night, despite having been gone for so long and saying earlier in the week that I would be there. Some sort of vileness hit me yesterday morning and hit me hard, not only giving me a slight fever (99.3) and chills, but also triggering a migraine of epic proportions. I ended up leaving work after only 2 hours, sleeping for 4 hours at home, logging back into work from home for 2 hours, and then going to bed at about 8:30 pm. Fortunately, today I feel fine, which means I'll still be able to attend The Illusionist tonight with the normal group, play Exalted tomorrow morning, and party at [ profile] jinasphinx's barbecue tomorrow night. Yay!

Also: Three day weekend. Double Yay!!

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