Sep. 7th, 2006 05:03 pm
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I have some mixed feelings about Scott Kurtz and PvP in general, but I still read it on a semi-regular basis. Today's guest strip made it totally, 100% worth it.

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They've figured out our technology!.

We're all doomed.
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Since I mentioned it on Tuesday at the (awesome) cookout, I figured I should provide a link to the fantasmagoria that is...

Precarious WarehaĆ¼s Dwellers: "Nutella and Gummi Bear Sandwhich"

Enjoy. Muahahahahaha!
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This is fun.

The program translates what you type back and forth between English and seven other languages (English - Japanese - Eng - Chinese - Eng - French - Eng - German - Eng - Italian - Eng - Portugese - Eng - Spanish - Eng). I think it might be even better if they didn't put Portugese and Spanish back to back, since they're very similar languages.

Still, it's very fun, especially if you take the results of the first round and run it through the system a few more times. For example:

1. You do not know the power of the dark side.
2. The dark method of the resistance of the function does not know.
3. They had not known that the resistance of the function is "dark copy".
4. Which his the function worries about the resistance of " Dark Copy" Ingualmente you did not know this, he who you are.

Link yoinked from [ profile] hillarygayle

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