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The name of your zombie infested home town.
Your zombie killing weapon of choice.
How much do zombies scare you?
Oh noes!!11 A zombie! What do you do?
Blasting zombies left and right with a freaking twelve guage. What do you think?chezchuckles
Curled into a fetal position crying their eyes out.pirate_club
Is pwning some zombies with Don't Stop Me Now playing in the background.urskr
Is sitting at home watching CNN and eating ice cream.jinasphinx
Get ripped to pieces by the zombies. Bummer.joannabarnum
Is the zombie king who you must destroy to end the zombie menace.bryancreech
Number of zombies you decapitate.276
Chances you survive the zombie swarm.
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Yoinked from [ profile] hillarygayle and modified slightly.

I actually enjoy making mix cds quite a bit, and I love to spread the word on local/indie bands, so I think this is worth doing.

THE SETUP (as modified by me): The first 10 people (unless I decide to do more) to post a reply to this entry will get a mix cd made by me according to the rules below. If you are a Seattle-area person with whom I have regular contact, I will deliver the cd in person. Otherwise, you will need to follow your comment with an email to amnesiack at gmail dot com that contains your mailing address, so that I can send you the cd. The original meme said that the deadline to send them by was Christmas, but I can't guarantee that will be the case with my cds, since I'm going to be out of town the entire week prior to Christmas. As with any meme, you are encouraged to re-post this (or the original here) in your own livejournal.

THE RULES (as yoinked):

1. You must send out CDs. If this is entirely not possible, or if you cannot meet the deadline, an assembled RAR package with tracklist file will suffice.
2. You do not need to make a different CD for each person you're supposed to send one to, but it's not against the rules to do so.
3. The CD must be at least one hour long.
4. The CD must not contain more than two songs by any person or group.
5. The CD must reflect your taste in music.
6. The CD must be accompanied by a tracklist.
7. The CD must be audio only, no MP3-CDs.
8. Try to avoid songs or groups that you know everyone else already listens to. This is more a suggestion than a rule.

Think of this as a way to spread the joy of your taste in music (which is better than everyone else's).

EDIT: You don't have to re-post this or send me anything to get a cd from me. I'm glad to do this for anyone, regardless of whether or not you can reciprocate. If you do, though, that's cool. ^_^

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