Apr. 2nd, 2007 10:27 am
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I pre-ordered the new MC Frontalot album today. It ships April 6th.

Also, for the record, my Saturday this past weekend totally kicked your Saturday's butt. Just sayin'.

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Jesse Dangerously is a Canadian rapper who is generally placed in the "nerdcore" category, though he's much less blatant about it than, say, MC Frontalot. He raps about things like technology, politics, and feminism; he has guest lectured at universities on the issue of gender roles in hip hop music. He also has a livejournal: [livejournal.com profile] j_dangerously

The majority of his posts concern shows and appearances, but when he does put up an actual blog entry, it's generally intelligent, articulate, and insightful. I'm especially fond of two of his latest entries: The first was posted today about how pop music tends to shape identity in American youth and how movies and other forms of media then use that to tap into our emotions and personal experiences. The second is from a month ago, where he talks about Weird Al and the "White and Nerdy" phenomenon and how it relates to nerds, hip hop fans, and those people who had already bridged the two.

Check it out, yo.
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I completely forgot to mention our incredible musical performers this year. I had the privilege of helping MC Frontalot set up his merch table on Friday when he arrived, and I got to talk with Yook, Front's back-up rhyme-buster, on several occasions. I hung out with Yook a lot last year, and he is a great guy to kick it with. I missed the musical performance on Friday (The Video Game Pianist, Optimus Rhyme, and The Neskimos) because of the Turbine party, but Saturday night I was front and center security for the stage, so I got a full-on blast of Conney Lin's Final Fantasy piano performance, MC Frontalot, MC Chris, and The Minibosses, all of whom rock my socks clean off. At various times throughout the weekend I got to chat for at least a couple of minutes with all the performers, and they are universally cool people and tremendous performers.

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