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As promised quite some time ago, here are more pictures from my trip to Greece to astound and amaze your delicate American sensibilities. Clicking upon individual pictures will result in the unprecedented phenomenon of allowing you to see them at a larger size! Egads!

Behold my photography-fu! )
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They've figured out our technology!.

We're all doomed.
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I don't own a camera because I rarely want to take pictures of anything. My parents, however, do own one, and they've used it a time or two since I've been here. Today, I actually picked it up myself for a few moments and got a couple of shots off. Any pictures you see with me in them were taken by my parents; everything else was taken by me.

A handful of Greece pictures. )

The Acropolis and Starbucks pictures were taken on a different day from the Sounion pictures. My clothes are the same because I packed very few changes of clothes so that I could carry everything on and just do laundry a couple of times while I was here. Now, the stupid terrorists have ruined everything. Way to go, jerks.

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