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Episode 5 features an interview with Seattle band Shakes and three songs off of their debut EP!

SPAZ Episode 05

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I put up a new podcast episode a week ago: Best of the Grn Strp Haus (Part 2).

This is another music-focused episode. Here's the tracklist:

* 0:41 - "True Story" by The Pillowfights, from Round One
* 1:30 - "Identity Confused" by Down We Go, from From Up New Sleeves
* 4:10 - "Slow Car Crash" by Classics of Love from Walking In Shadows
* 6:49 - "Galloping Gurdy" by Smooth Sailing, from 2009 demo
* 10:51 - "Exploding Houses, Dirty Floors" by Smokejumper from 2009 demo
* 13:11 - "Southbound 280" by Mike Park from For The Love Of Music
* 17:13 - "The Sickness" by The Hollowpoints, from The Black Spot
* 21:31 - "Adventures, Baby" by Breaker Breaker One Niner, from their recent demo
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The third episode of my podcast is up today! I recorded this interview with my buddies in Success! on the 30th of September. You also get to hear four songs off their self-titled, full-length album.

Check it out at or in iTunes!
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SPAZ Episode 002!

Episode two is here! This is the first SPAZ Radio episode, featuring eight songs by bands that have played at the Grn Strp Haus in Seattle. Enjoy!

Show Notes:

* 1:00 - "Crass A Nova" by Anchor Down, from Steel To Dust
* 4:53 - "Gentlemen Prefer Tea" by Destruction Island, from Preaches The New Wilderness
* 7:29 - "Rage Blackouts" by The Mark Sparkles, from Parking Enforcement
* 10:37 - "Full House" by The Sweet Revenge, from Creatures of Routine
* 12:45 - "Loose Teeth Don't Need My Help" by Like Claws!, from Prints & Things
* 14:40 - "My Boss My Hypocrite" by Marginal Way, from Marginal Way
* 17:49 - "Mind Eraser" by Shakes, from Shakes
* 20:31 - "Revolution Schmevolution" by Success!, from Success!

SPAZ Radio

Nov. 12th, 2009 02:43 pm
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In an effort to put out at least two episodes of my podcast each month, I have decided to launch SPAZ Radio. SPAZ Radio will consist of music-only episodes that will appear regularly between interview episodes, featuring songs by local and touring bands that have played shows in Seattle recently.

I hope to have a theme for each episode to help pick the music that I play. For the first several SPAZ Radio episodes, the theme will be "Best of Venue". For these episodes, I will pick songs by bands that I have seen play at a specific location in Seattle; the first one will be "Best of GRN STRP Haus"!

Since interview episodes come out on the 1st Monday of every month, I'm planning to release SPAZ Radio episodes on the 3rd Monday of every month. However, the first SPAZ Radio episode may be a bit late, since I am just now getting started on it. We'll see!

Tiny Update

Nov. 3rd, 2009 11:58 am
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Seattle Punk Audio Zine is available in iTunes now as well.
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The first episode of Seattle Punk Audio Zine is now available:

In this episode, I interview The Damage Done and play four songs from their album Scream All Of Our Cliches.

If you're at all interested in punk music or would just like to hear what's been eating a good chunk of my brain lately, please listen to show. I've learned a lot just from doing my first couple of interviews and editing this episode, but I know I still have a lot to learn. Feedback, especially if it will help to improve the show, is welcome and encouraged.

There is also a feed you can subscribe to in order to get updated on future posts and episodes. It will probably be available in iTunes in the next couple of days as well.

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So, I lied to you. I said there were three upcoming products that I was strongly looking forward to, and I keep coming up with more. At the moment, I'm up to five. So, I've gone back and edited the original entry to say "five" in case someone goes back and reads it later (My hubris knows no bounds!), and I'll be doing these little capsule posts for a bit longer. Now, for number three...

Tenra Bansho Zero - This will be the first Japanese tabletop rpg ever to be translated into English. The mover and shaker behind this is Andy Kitkowski ([ profile] zigguratbuilder), a gamer, writer, reviewer, translator, and all-around cool guy who is fluent in Japanese and loves Japanese roleplaying games. Translating Tenra Bansho Zero is very much a labor of love for Andy, as the process itself is laborious, and the probability of it actually being profitable is very low. Of course, my hope is that it explodes beyond his wildest dreams, giving him not only success on this game, but the impetus to translate more games in the future.

In Japan, the game is published by F.E.A.R., one of the largest rpg publishers in the country. The setting of the game is something of a polyglot of science fiction and fantasy anime tropes, with cybernetic samurai and taoist summoners fighting alongside adolescents in giant mecha and ninja who gain powers from implanting magic beads in their bodies. The art I've seen for the game is also quite beautiful, if you like manga. The structure of the game is what really makes it interesting, though. Once character creation is done, it's designed to be played as an entire campaign-level story arc in a single 4-6 hour game session, with a structure modeled after that of a kabuki play. That just tickles my fancy in a completely cool way.

Along with the official website and Andy's livejournal, a great source of information on the game (and on Japanese rpgs in general) is the interview with Andy conducted by Mike Montesa at the fantastic Godzilla Gaming Podcast.
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The word "podcast" annoys me. It always has, for some reason. I think I have a general allergic reaction to buzzwords, maybe. That would explain why I detest the word "blog" as well.

Nonetheless, in the past few weeks, I've been listening to a lot of gaming-related podcasts, and I've enjoyed them immensely. Like webcomics, creators of these things tend to refer to one another's work, so listening to one is like finding a bibliography that directs you to others, which directs you to others still, ad infinitum. Many of these are relatively long-running, so there's quite a bit of backlog to go through if you want the full picture, but I consider that to be half the fun. All of these podcasts are available through their websites as well as iTunes.

1) The Penny Arcade Podcast - Technically, this one isn't new to me, since I started listening to it when they first started producing it last year. It's basically Jerry/Tycho and Mike/Gabe going through their process of writing a strip, and it's both funny and an interesting glimpse into their creative processes.
Rating: 4/5

2) The Butcher Block - I've mentioned the roleplaying game Spirit of the Century a number of times now in various entries. One of the creators of the game (Fred Hicks) is an old friend of Jim Butcher, the author of the Dresden Files books, and Evil Hat Productions (publishers of SotC) are also currently working on the Dresden Files RPG. Because of all this, Fred has started a Dresden Files/Jim Butcher-related podcast. Having never read the books, it's only of limited interest to me, mostly because of the bits of rpg-related content, but it was a gateway for me to find several other, more interesting podcasts.
Rating: 3/5

3) 2d6 Feet in a Random Direction - Named for an old Warhammer Fantasy critical hit table, 2d6 Feet is one of the best podcasts I've discovered so far. It features two guys with a regular string of guest co-hosts talking about GM and Player advice, interviews with game creators and publishers, reviews, roleplaying theory discussion, and just general gabbing about games, including board games and miniatures games, as well as rpgs.
Rating: 5/5

4) Sons of Kryos - Sons of Kryos is very similar in format to 2d6 Feet in a Random Direction in all the best ways possible, but it is different enough that you don't feel like you're listening to the exact same show. It also includes occasional talk about LARPing, which is absent from 2d6 Feet, and has a lot less discussion of board and miniatures games.
Rating: 5/5

5) Have Games Will Travel - Hosted by Paul Tevis, HGWT is a short, weekly, review-heavy podcast about all kinds of tabletop games. It's very well done, and fun to listen to, but the dynamic of a one-person podcast is very different from one with multiple hosts (as 2d6 Feet and Sons of Kryos have), and I find that I prefer the multi-host setup a bit more.
Rating: 4.5/5

6) Voice of the Revolution - A relatively new podcast co-hosted by Paul Tevis of Have Games Will Travel and Brennan Taylor, founder of Indie Press Revolution, a distributor/network for self-publishing rpg authors and indie games. VotR is all about IPR games and features news, reviews, industry info, and playtest reports about its current rpg line-up, once a month, in a half hour format.
Rating: 4.5/5

7) Gamer's Haven - A tips, tricks, and rants podcast for GMs. The segments vary widely in quality, as do the tips for running games, but it's still a decent listen, if a bit more amateur than some of the other podcasts here.
Rating: 2.75/5

8) The House of the Harping Monkey - This is actually a collection of several podcasts, only one of which I've really listened to so far. The "Side Dish" episodes are recordings of gamers actually sitting down at the gaming table. There are plenty of digressions, but most if it is actual play, mostly unedited. As one might expect, this makes for a very hit-or-miss sort of recording, and I have to be in a certain mood to enjoy it. Still, they play a wide variety of games and are currently experimenting with Spirit of the Century, which is a big plus in my book.
Rating (Side-Dish only): 3/5

There are also a few podcasts that I've started downloading but haven't actually listened to yet. OgreCave Audio Report is the audio companion to the OgreCave website. The podcast is supposed to focus on industry news and events, and I have high hopes for it, since one of the hosts also co-hosts 2d6 Feet in a Random Direction. Godzilla Gaming Podcast is another two-man show, featuring a pair of gamers who currently live and game in Japan. Beyond that, I know very little about it, but it comes highly recommended. I'll probably eventually throw up ratings for these two (and possibly others), as things develop.

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