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White Crosses is the new Against Me! album. I think it's a much better record, overall, than New Wave was, but it's still not really what I want from an Against Me! record. It's probably a failing on my part, but nonetheless, it's a record I'd enjoy more if it had been released by a different band.

Still, the video for "I Was A Teenage Anarchist" is pretty awesome.

UPDATE: Tom Gabel on "I Was A Teenage Anarchist".
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Episode 5 features an interview with Seattle band Shakes and three songs off of their debut EP!

SPAZ Episode 05

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I put up a new podcast episode a week ago: Best of the Grn Strp Haus (Part 2).

This is another music-focused episode. Here's the tracklist:

* 0:41 - "True Story" by The Pillowfights, from Round One
* 1:30 - "Identity Confused" by Down We Go, from From Up New Sleeves
* 4:10 - "Slow Car Crash" by Classics of Love from Walking In Shadows
* 6:49 - "Galloping Gurdy" by Smooth Sailing, from 2009 demo
* 10:51 - "Exploding Houses, Dirty Floors" by Smokejumper from 2009 demo
* 13:11 - "Southbound 280" by Mike Park from For The Love Of Music
* 17:13 - "The Sickness" by The Hollowpoints, from The Black Spot
* 21:31 - "Adventures, Baby" by Breaker Breaker One Niner, from their recent demo
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The third episode of my podcast is up today! I recorded this interview with my buddies in Success! on the 30th of September. You also get to hear four songs off their self-titled, full-length album.

Check it out at or in iTunes!
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SPAZ Episode 002!

Episode two is here! This is the first SPAZ Radio episode, featuring eight songs by bands that have played at the Grn Strp Haus in Seattle. Enjoy!

Show Notes:

* 1:00 - "Crass A Nova" by Anchor Down, from Steel To Dust
* 4:53 - "Gentlemen Prefer Tea" by Destruction Island, from Preaches The New Wilderness
* 7:29 - "Rage Blackouts" by The Mark Sparkles, from Parking Enforcement
* 10:37 - "Full House" by The Sweet Revenge, from Creatures of Routine
* 12:45 - "Loose Teeth Don't Need My Help" by Like Claws!, from Prints & Things
* 14:40 - "My Boss My Hypocrite" by Marginal Way, from Marginal Way
* 17:49 - "Mind Eraser" by Shakes, from Shakes
* 20:31 - "Revolution Schmevolution" by Success!, from Success!

SPAZ Radio

Nov. 12th, 2009 02:43 pm
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In an effort to put out at least two episodes of my podcast each month, I have decided to launch SPAZ Radio. SPAZ Radio will consist of music-only episodes that will appear regularly between interview episodes, featuring songs by local and touring bands that have played shows in Seattle recently.

I hope to have a theme for each episode to help pick the music that I play. For the first several SPAZ Radio episodes, the theme will be "Best of Venue". For these episodes, I will pick songs by bands that I have seen play at a specific location in Seattle; the first one will be "Best of GRN STRP Haus"!

Since interview episodes come out on the 1st Monday of every month, I'm planning to release SPAZ Radio episodes on the 3rd Monday of every month. However, the first SPAZ Radio episode may be a bit late, since I am just now getting started on it. We'll see!
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The first episode of Seattle Punk Audio Zine is now available:

In this episode, I interview The Damage Done and play four songs from their album Scream All Of Our Cliches.

If you're at all interested in punk music or would just like to hear what's been eating a good chunk of my brain lately, please listen to show. I've learned a lot just from doing my first couple of interviews and editing this episode, but I know I still have a lot to learn. Feedback, especially if it will help to improve the show, is welcome and encouraged.

There is also a feed you can subscribe to in order to get updated on future posts and episodes. It will probably be available in iTunes in the next couple of days as well.

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I went to a great show on Saturday night with [ profile] lesleymac, [ profile] retrocareer, and Reid at Studio Seven (The Damage Done, Shook Ones, The Riot Before, Living With Lions, and A Wilhelm Scream, for those wondering). The music was great, and it was tons of fun hanging out with my friends there, but I always feel a little weird about shows at that venue.

I think it's a combination of the size of the room and the height of the stage. It's not remotely like a stadium or even a concert hall in size, and there's no barrier or security guards between the crowd and the edge of the stage. Still, there's just enough of a distance there between the performers and the crowd that it feels fundamentally different from shows at Grn Strp Haus, Black Lodge, The Bit, FBK, The Morgue, Barnhouse, etc. that goes beyond sounds systems, admission prices, or audience makeup. Hmmm...
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My copy of Primetime Adventures arrived yesterday. I've been hearing good things about this game for a while now, but it's never been available at any of the shops I buy my games at, and it's taken me up until now to actually get it into my head to sit down and order it online. I finished Covert Generation today at lunch, so I'm trying to decide whether PTA or Don't Rest Your Head will be next, after I finish Beast Hunters.

I also received my dvd of Afro-Punk, a documentary about race identity within the punk scene. It was directed/shot/edit by James Spooner, and I was never able to make it to one of the screenings that he held around the country, so I'm very excited to finally be able to watch it on dvd. I think it will be an extremely interesting counter-point to American Hardcore, which I watched just a couple of weeks ago.
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There's this thing about Mitch Clem. Mitch writes and draws (among other things) two excellent web comics: Nothing Nice to Say and San Antonio Rock City. Nothing Nice to Say is the self-proclaimed "first punk rock web comic", and it also happens to be the first web comic I ever read. The dozens of web comics that I follow these days all owe Mitch a debt for my readership; it started with him.

But that's not the thing about Mitch Clem.

Mitch Clem, being first and foremost a music fan, writes about music a lot. Most of it is punk or in some way related to punk or ska or some other sort of indie music. A good 75% of the time, I don't agree with Mitch's opinions. There are a lot of bands he thinks are great that I find boring, and several of the bands he trashes are, in my opinion, making good music.

But that's also not the thing about Mitch Clem.

The thing about Mitch Clem, is that when he's right about something, he is so very, very right. Over the last 5 years, more than half of the bands that have ultimately become among my most favorite, meaningful music producers have come to my attention via Mitch's recommendation. Some of them have gotten bigger since he first mentioned them, others haven't, and some don't exist as entities anymore, but I can trace the fact that I listen to Against Me!, The Mountain Goats, Kid Dynamite, Discount, and many others directly to Mitch's recommendations and mp3 mixes. And now, Mitch has done it again.

Bomb the Music Industry is a revelation. I am simply stunned by this band. It's not easy music listen to, but it's incredible, original, heart-felt, real, good music. And it's free online, donations accepted. Whether or not punk is still meaningful as a movement, it's definitely still meaningful in individuals, and Bomb the Music Industry is proof of that. So is Mitch Clem.

Thanks, Mitch.
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Can someone please tell me exactly when Against All Authority became a really good band? I have their first album, and I've heard some compilation songs and such that came out after it, and while they weren't exactly bad, they weren't anything special either. In contrast, I picked up a used copy of their new release The Restoration of Chaos and Order on a whim, and it's downright astonishing in its rocktacity. Listening to it for the first time yesterday brought up pretty strong memories of when I first got involved in punk thirteen years ago, in an entirely good way. Well played, -AAA-; well played indeed.
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I have mixed feelings about the show last night. On one hand, it was good; definitely worth my $12. However, it didn't quite blow me away as I had expected it to. Perhaps that's my fault for having too high expectations. Still, the breakdown:

Schoolyard Heroes: I'd never seen SH live before. They were good, but the performance wasn't quite up to the quality of their recordings, mostly because the volume of the vocals was too low, and the overall musical mix was dominated a bit too much by the drums. Still, they put on a good show, though the lead singer's stage antics felt slightly awkward from time-to-time. I want to see them again so that I can decide if this was just an off show or if they are really better as a studio band. If nothing else, though, they have a ton of energy and heart; that's always worth something.

Pretty Girls Make Graves: They kicked my butt, as they always do. Andrea's voice was a lot more nasal than I remember it ever being before, live or on cd, but it was only note-worthy on one or two songs. All together, this was my favorite performance of the night. Unfortunately, I didn't buy any merch before the show started, and by the time it was all over, they had already packed up their stuff and left. This is especially annoying because the last two times I've seen them were right after they had returned from big tours and were out of merch to sell, so after two years of being into this band I still don't own a single shirt, button, or sticker for them.

Andrew W.K.: When it's time to party, Andrew will always party hard. He cut his hair, and he wasn't wearing the torn jeans and white shirt I expected, but he still put on a great show. The metal aspect of his music dominated the pop elements a bit more than when I've seen him before, and most of his backing musicians were different (I miss the hawai'ian shirted guitarist), but it was a worthwhile performance. I have the barrier bruises on my stomach to prove it.
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Some demented genius dwells on the University of Washington campus and has somehow arranged the following line-up for Friday night:

Schoolyard Heroes

Pretty Girls Make Graves

Andrew W.K.

Oh yeah.
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Every now and then I get to experience the mixed displeasure and pride that comes when a band whose music I've been listening to for years starts to really make it big. It's not the bigness itself that brings displeasure but the many annoying complications it brings with it. Tonight, Against Me! had to be placed on the list in my brain for "Bands You Have to Buy Tickets in Advance to See." I've seen them five times in the last three years, and this has never been the case, but tonight it was. Of course, I only found out the show was sold out after the bartender at Neumos told me it wasn't and I had stood outside for two hours waiting to pay my money to get in.

So, Jesse and I went to a coffee shop for an hour or so, and then he and Elaine gave me a ride home. It'll be nice not to be exhausted at work tomorrow, but that is far outweighed by the sadness of the fact that I am not rocking out right now. Oh well.
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I'm going to see Against Me! at Neumos tonight. Oh yeah.
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New Against Me! album September 6th.

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