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San Diego, CA joins Little Rock, AR and Springfield, MO on the list of airports I have visited that have free wi-fi. Way to step up, San Diego.
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Long, tiring weekend. Awesome, but tiring. Jeff Bowman is now married. The Exalted game was very well received. Dallas is still scary. Many old friends and acquaintences were greeted, hugged, and conversed with (Jeff, Andy, Jenn, Heather, Josh, Bocks, Pat), and several new friends were made. Sleep was a precious and rare commodity. Tired. But good.
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Last night, [ profile] yurodivuie and I had a sort of "working dinner" at the Sunlight Cafe (great vegetarian food, but not quite as vegan-friendly as one would generally hope) as we prepared the imminent Exalted one-shot that we'll be running soon in Dallas. As David pointed out, one shots are often more difficult than ongoing games to prepare for, especially when you don't know most of the players in advance and most of the players don't know the system in advance. The work-to-payoff ratio as a GM is also generally much lower, unless you're running an adventure that you've done before. It is, however, a wedding present of sorts for a friend, and a favor of sorts for another friend, so we've been frantically making those last-minute preparations, and we're praying that everyone involved will have a good time.

The worst part of flying across the country to run an Exalted one-shot on the weekend, though, is missing a session of your own regular Exalted campaign.

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As promised quite some time ago, here are more pictures from my trip to Greece to astound and amaze your delicate American sensibilities. Clicking upon individual pictures will result in the unprecedented phenomenon of allowing you to see them at a larger size! Egads!

Behold my photography-fu! )
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I don't own a camera because I rarely want to take pictures of anything. My parents, however, do own one, and they've used it a time or two since I've been here. Today, I actually picked it up myself for a few moments and got a couple of shots off. Any pictures you see with me in them were taken by my parents; everything else was taken by me.

A handful of Greece pictures. )

The Acropolis and Starbucks pictures were taken on a different day from the Sounion pictures. My clothes are the same because I packed very few changes of clothes so that I could carry everything on and just do laundry a couple of times while I was here. Now, the stupid terrorists have ruined everything. Way to go, jerks.
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I made to Athens just fine. I couldn't sleep on the planes at all, and once I got here I decided the best way to adjust to the jet lag would be to stay up until something approaching a normal bedtime, rather than giving in to the urge to collapse immediately upon reaching The Artemis. Thus, I went 31 hours without sleeping. Fun fun.

I had delays in both Seattle (1.5 hours) and Washington D.C. (45 minutes). It worked out okay, though, because without the D.C. delay, my connection would have been really tight because of the Seattle delay. My original 2.5 hour layover in Frankfurt, Germany was correspondingly shortened to 1 hour, but all in all, I got to Greece when expected and without any problems.
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Go me: I remembered to call the airlines I'm flying with next week to request vegetarian meals on the way to and from Athens.

When I travel, two halves of my psyche war with one another. One half wants as many things to entertain me on the flight and during downtime on the trip as possible, even though it knows I'll probably only use a fraction of what I take. The other half wants to pack as little as humanly possible, preferably to the point of being able to do carry-on only.

Thus far, I know for sure that I will be taking the following items:

* My PSP with my recently-purchased and as-yet-unplayed copy of Valkyrie Profile: Lennth and a second PSP battery borrowed from [ profile] yurodivuie
* My ipod
* The volumes of Journey to the West that I haven't finished yet.

Thus far, I've held fairly firm to those being my only entertainment items, but the pull to bring a big, heavy rpg book of some sort (most likely either the Manual of Exalted Power: Dragonblood or Weapons of the Gods) keeps growing stronger. We'll see what I can talk myself down to when the time comes. I've confirmed that there will be easily accessible laundry facilities in Athens, so I can probably get away with packing two pairs of pants and 3 or 4 shirts and other sundries.

Now, I just have to make sure I don't forget my passport on Monday.
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On Monday, I leave town for my first vacation in almost 20 months. Despite the fact that PAX is awesome, and I always have a blast, I do not define a vacation as "working twice as hard as I do at my regular job around the clock for 96 hours without getting paid"; therefore, PAX05 does not count as a vacation. If you insist on calling it such, then I still haven't had a vacation in a year.

Anyway, for this vacation I will be flying to Athens, Greece. My parents are currently the directors of a satellite campus for American university students to study abroad for a semester in Athens. The hotel that is their campus will be student-free during the month of August, so we are taking advantage of that fact. I haven't seen my parents (or anyone else in my family) since December '04, and my brother and his wife and kids will be visiting during part of my trip as well, meaning that I will get to meet my new niece (who was born a few months ago) for the first time. I will also make every effort to simultaneously see cool things that I didn't get to see when I was in Greece in 2000 and be a total lazy bastard for the entire trip. We'll see how it works out. I'm fairly certain there will be at least occasional internet access while I'm there, so I may or may not post here during my stay, and I'll probably respond to email, albeit perhaps a bit more slowly than usual. I will be arriving back in Seattle on August 19th.

Why only 12 days (including travel time) you may ask? Well, my friends, the reason that my epic Greek vacation lasts only 12 days is because I needed to save enough vacation time for my epic PAX06 adventure! That's right, it's PAX time again! Upon returning from my vacation, I will be at work for only 3 days before I again take on the identity of an Enforcer for the nerd-wrangling, mind-numbing, utterly-awesome spectacle of the Penny Arcade Expo. I hope to see you all there.

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