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[ profile] preciousjade's birthday party was a lot of fun. It's awesome to have awesome friends. I made Seitan & Mushroom Stroganoff (my favorite recipe out of the Vegan Vittles cookbook that Jesse bought at the Warped Tour back in 2003), and it was a big hit. Even the self-described carnivores at the party partook and enjoyed.

I got to hang out with [ profile] jaberwockynmt for a few hours on Sunday. We had lunch at the Wayward, and talked for a while before I had to run to pick up the roommates, and he had to run to catch a flight. I don't interact with a lot of the Enforcer crowd outside of the actual PAX environment, but Jarrod's always a great person with whom to hang.

* * *

This Saturday will be the 2nd Annual Seattle Science Fiction Short Film Festival at the Cinerama. I went to this with [ profile] covenantscave and [ profile] darklingrose last year, and we had a great time. I'm hopeful that it will be just as fun this year.

On the roleplaying front, [ profile] yurodivuie leaves us this weekend for a short while, so in place of Exalted, [ profile] hansandersen will be running some Dogs in the Vineyard for [ profile] lesleymac and me. Yay!
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Thanksgiving: Rocked. For five years running, this has been my day to hang with friends and eat awesome food. The only downside this year was a migraine that lasted 2/3 of the day. Ugh.

Déjà Vu: Better than I expected. It didn't come close to being the best time travel movie ever, though. That honor still belongs to Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure.

Exalted - Servants of the Righteous: We finished up our three part side-game this week. Sha Yan Shi ended up being a great deal of fun to play. Unfortunately, we've received news that it's likely that Joe, our good friend and GM, will be moving back to Minnesota soon. This makes me sad for reasons completely unrelated to the Exalted game. Joe has been a great friend for over three years now, ever since he first arrived in Seattle and came to an SGA open game night. Friends moving away always sucks, and Joe is going to leave a big gap with his absence.

Jina Party: Food the size of your head! Betrayal at House on the Hill! Give Me the Brain! Fun had by all!

Snow: Unusual for Seattle. Extremely unusual for Seattle in November.
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Weekend Report: DEPLOY!

Casino Royale was extremely good. It's one of the best Bond movies in years, easily the best since GoldenEye. In fact, it may be my favorite Bond movie ever, but it's been too long since I've seen some Bond movies that I can't say for sure. It's definitely one of very few Bond movies I can remember coming out of without thinking, "That was good, except for that one really hokey part where..."

Our sub-Exalted game Servants of the Mandate continued to rock the proverbial casbah, opening with a 2.5 hour social combat debate in which we managed to recruit two new Terrestrial Exalted to our crew. The interaction between my character (Bones Like Jade) and [ profile] hansandersen's character in this game continues to crack me up and provide some of my favorite moments in this entire game (including the "main" game: Heaven's Mandate). It makes me a bit sad that I'm going to be switching up characters in order to more closely match the mechanical power level of the other players' characters. Hopefully Sha Yan Shi will prove to be equally entertaining.

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I can't believe it's already been a week since the 1st non-setup day of PAX. Ack. My feet just stopped hurting this morning. I still need to post the 2nd half of my con report, and I will. I promise. For real.

My apologies to my Thursday night gaming group for missing the game last night, despite having been gone for so long and saying earlier in the week that I would be there. Some sort of vileness hit me yesterday morning and hit me hard, not only giving me a slight fever (99.3) and chills, but also triggering a migraine of epic proportions. I ended up leaving work after only 2 hours, sleeping for 4 hours at home, logging back into work from home for 2 hours, and then going to bed at about 8:30 pm. Fortunately, today I feel fine, which means I'll still be able to attend The Illusionist tonight with the normal group, play Exalted tomorrow morning, and party at [ profile] jinasphinx's barbecue tomorrow night. Yay!

Also: Three day weekend. Double Yay!!

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