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I waited at the bus stop for 50 minutes this morning, and my bus didn't come, so I'm working from home today.

I gifted two friends with awesome movie viewings yesterday. Jason and I watched Shaun of the Dead, my dozenth time or so, his first. In the evening, Lesley stopped by for a bit, and since she hadn't yet watched the copy of Kamikaze Girls that she had borrowed from Jason, we ended up watching my copy instead.

Okay, back to work.
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In a mind-blowing twist after yesterday's commentary on co-workers working from home, I worked from home today and drank tea with honey with it. However, my reasons for not leaving the house had nothing to do with ice and/or snow.

Recorded in grotesque detail for my own amusement. You probably don't want to read this. )

Something brought to my attention today that I had forgotten since I've been wearing earplugs when I sleep for the past year and a half: One of my cats snores a little in her sleep. It's frickin' cute.
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I got up an hour earlier than usual this morning so that I could go to the downtown Group Health (my HMO) facility to get a flu shot at 8 am. I told my manager I might be late getting into work this morning (I normally arrive at about 8:45) because I had no idea how long getting the flu shot would take. As it turns out, I got to Group Health at 7:50, and they were already open. The whole shebang (paperwork, the shot itself, etc.) took less than 5 minutes. I stopped and got a breakfast sandwich at Specialties Bakery (which was awesome), and I still got to work thirty minutes earlier than I usually do. The flu shot itself hurt a little more while being administered than I remember as being normal, but there has been absolutely no soreness since, so I'm okay with the trade-off.

The Macbook is working out really well. I've gotten the hang of most of the little OS X oddities that I wasn't used to before, and it's nice to be able to hang out in the living room with David and Dawn in the evening and actually still do things on the computer at the same time. I ended up ordering the Sumo Cases Macbook sleeve. I never really decided which one I liked best of the several different sleeves I was looking at, so the deciding factor ended up being that I could get the Sumo through Amazon, where I had a gift certificate from my birthday.

Of course, this means I won't be using the gift certificate to purchase the new ultra-remastered, bit-rate-so-high-we-broke-it-up-into-two-disks edition of Seven Samurai, but such is life, I suppose.
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I can't believe it's already been a week since the 1st non-setup day of PAX. Ack. My feet just stopped hurting this morning. I still need to post the 2nd half of my con report, and I will. I promise. For real.

My apologies to my Thursday night gaming group for missing the game last night, despite having been gone for so long and saying earlier in the week that I would be there. Some sort of vileness hit me yesterday morning and hit me hard, not only giving me a slight fever (99.3) and chills, but also triggering a migraine of epic proportions. I ended up leaving work after only 2 hours, sleeping for 4 hours at home, logging back into work from home for 2 hours, and then going to bed at about 8:30 pm. Fortunately, today I feel fine, which means I'll still be able to attend The Illusionist tonight with the normal group, play Exalted tomorrow morning, and party at [ profile] jinasphinx's barbecue tomorrow night. Yay!

Also: Three day weekend. Double Yay!!
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We finally got to add our new player to the 7th Sea game last night (yay!). I'm always nervous the first time I GM for someone, especially when that person is someone I consider to be a very respectable GM herself, but I felt the game went well, and everyone seemed to have a good time. It's also the first time I've ever seen this particular person in full-on character roleplaying mode, and it is indeed impressive.

Between my neck bothering me and the cats suddenly deciding to use my body as the staging ground for an all-out war between them at 3am I didn't sleep too well last night, so I've been rather tired all day. Under normal circumstances I would be very annoyed that I had to spend 4 hours in meetings today, but I didn't have to contribute much in any of them besides paying attention and writing down reporting requirements, so it was actually a nice chance to conserve what little mental energy I had today.

Jason and I will probably be foregoing the normal group movie this Friday (Poseidon, unless plans have changed) in favor of seeing The Promise instead. This high-action, mystical wuxia movie seems like a perfect way of ramping up for the first session of our new Exalted game on Saturday. We're still going to try to meet everyone for Thai food afterwords, though, since the movies are playing at the same theater.


Jan. 10th, 2006 08:58 am
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Unlike all the other people in the world, who were delighted to return to their jobs this week, my weekend was far too short. Somebody should do something about that.

Also, Kamikaze Girls materializes on dvd today. Rock.
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Saturday: I got away from work at noon and decided to forego the Best Buy run and just buy groceries. I then spent the rest of the day playing City of Villains, watching dvds, and reading. Not bad at all.

Sunday: I slept in and then opened the box o' stuff my parents sent me. For my big breakfast (you have to eat a big breakfast on Christmas; it's the law) I made eggs, sourdough biscuits, vegi-bacon, vegi-sausage, and strawberry-orange-banana juice. While I was cooking, Adam (one of my best friends, currently living in SoCal) called to give me my traditional holiday cursing-out, and we talked for a while about the general state of things. Post breakfast and phone was more CoV and dvd-watching, followed by a phone call from my parents and little sister.

When mid-afternoon finally rolled around I drove down to [ profile] grandmoffdavid's parents' house and spent several hours with him and a his family (including [ profile] preciousjade, of course). It should become immediately obvious to anyone who spends any time at David's parents' place that he came by his l33t cooking and booze-choosing skills quite honestly. It was a fun afternoon, with good conversation and presents and food and the like. I will henceforth be making all of my important life decisions using my "What Would a Ninja Do?" choice wheel.

I left there around 7:30 and headed over to Mike & Jenna's place for more food, movie watching, Xbox 360-playing, and conversation. It was mellow, which was good because I was beginning to feel very sleepy. I decided to head home shortly after 11pm, dropping into bed shortly after my arrival.

All in all, a very worthy Christmas, despite its unusual nature. Cheers.
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It's been quite a while since I posted here, mostly because I can't access LJ from work anymore. However, I finally remembered to check the process for posting via email, and here I am. I'm assuming this whole post is going to be full of typing errors and broken html tags that I won't really notice until I get home and can actually look at how the post came out.

And what better way to mark my return than a boring list of the current media and consumer products that I am enjoying? No better way, says I.

Psychonauts: Available for the PS2, Xbox, and PC, this is one of the best games I have played in years. What is there not to like in a game about a summer camp for child psychics designed by Tim Schafer of Grim Fandango with a lead character voiced by Richard Steven Horvitz (aka Zim)? It is at least partially a platformer, but so far I've experienced none of the frustrations normally inherent in that genre. My co-worker Kurt told me that he already considers it to be his pick for game of the year. I'm having a hard time disagreeing.

Legend of the Five Rings RPG, 3rd Edition: Though I've never actually played a single session of L5R, I've been a fan of the game for a long time. It's basically feudal Japan with a fantasy twist; it is to the samurai era what 7th Sea is to swashbuckling Europe. The 3rd edition is a beautiful book. While many game companies aspire to put out full-color books, most don't have the art or designers necessary to make it look good (Are you listening, EDEN?). L5R 3ed, on the other hand, looks great from cover to cover. While some of the illustrations are better than others (as is inevitable), there is not a single piece of bad art anywhere in the book.

Fantastic Foods soup and noodle bowls: Fantastic Foods makes some of the finest instant vegetarian and vegan food in existence. These soups are incredible, particularly the Hot & Sour and Minestrone. Also of note are their vegetarian taco filling and falafel mix.

Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, Vol. 7: I really couldn't be happier with the ending to this phenomenal series. I nearly cried during the Batou/Tachikoma scene.

Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell by Susanna Clarke: Jason first made me aware of this weird and delightful novel that apparently took 10 years to write. It's a comedic historical fantasy that falls somewhere in-between the styles of Jane Austen, Neil Gaiman, Charles Dickens, and Terry Pratchet, and the more I read, the better it gets.

Ok, back to work, me hearties.


Jun. 25th, 2005 03:39 pm
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We're using a new computer system at our new work location, including lovely 19" LCD monitors. I've been perfectly content with my old 15" IBM CRT for the longest time, but coming home from work every day and looking at it after being in front of the lcd all day is absolute torture. It's not even really a matter of wanting a new gadget; it actually feels like an unpleasant physical adjustment to use that screen after 8 hours in front of this one. To make it worse, if you check that link I posted above, the very monitors that we use here at work are currently only $229.99 after rebate at Tiger Direct. So tempting...
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Moving, moving, and more moving. My place of employment moved from Tukwila to downtown Seattle on Saturday. I am currently typing this from the 21st floor of the Wells Fargo building near a large window looking out on the waterfront. Rock. The move was fairly uneventful overall, except for a delay of a couple of hours in getting started Saturday morning. I love being a bus commuter. In the morning, I walk 20 feet from my front door, get on a bus, read for 20 minutes, and then step off the bus directly in front of where I work. In the evening, I do the exact same thing in reverse. This is doubley good because my car is trying to spontaneously combust, and every time I try to fix something, something new goes wrong. I will be getting rid of it very soon, but I haven't decided if I'm going to acquire another vehicle or become a full-time bus person.

The idea of buying another car is annoying because I just finished paying off my old one in April. I'd been looking forward to no longer having a car payment for some time, and acquiring a new one ranks pretty low on my idea of a good time. Plus, now that I'm using the bus to get to and from work, my need for a car is a lot less. However, there is still something in me that rankles at the idea of always being at the mercy of bus schedules or friends being willing to give me a ride. There are times and places that the buses either don't run or run at very inconvenient times and speeds.

Back to work, more later.
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I passed my practicum at work today, which makes my promotion official.

[ profile] apawn got the math teaching job in Shoreline that he interviewed for last Wednesday.

The trailer for Serenity went up today.


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