Jan. 11th, 2007

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There's this thing about Mitch Clem. Mitch writes and draws (among other things) two excellent web comics: Nothing Nice to Say and San Antonio Rock City. Nothing Nice to Say is the self-proclaimed "first punk rock web comic", and it also happens to be the first web comic I ever read. The dozens of web comics that I follow these days all owe Mitch a debt for my readership; it started with him.

But that's not the thing about Mitch Clem.

Mitch Clem, being first and foremost a music fan, writes about music a lot. Most of it is punk or in some way related to punk or ska or some other sort of indie music. A good 75% of the time, I don't agree with Mitch's opinions. There are a lot of bands he thinks are great that I find boring, and several of the bands he trashes are, in my opinion, making good music.

But that's also not the thing about Mitch Clem.

The thing about Mitch Clem, is that when he's right about something, he is so very, very right. Over the last 5 years, more than half of the bands that have ultimately become among my most favorite, meaningful music producers have come to my attention via Mitch's recommendation. Some of them have gotten bigger since he first mentioned them, others haven't, and some don't exist as entities anymore, but I can trace the fact that I listen to Against Me!, The Mountain Goats, Kid Dynamite, Discount, and many others directly to Mitch's recommendations and mp3 mixes. And now, Mitch has done it again.

Bomb the Music Industry is a revelation. I am simply stunned by this band. It's not easy music listen to, but it's incredible, original, heart-felt, real, good music. And it's free online, donations accepted. Whether or not punk is still meaningful as a movement, it's definitely still meaningful in individuals, and Bomb the Music Industry is proof of that. So is Mitch Clem.

Thanks, Mitch.
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So, after geeking out about my new-found love of Bomb the Music Industry, I went out to lunch and read that Mon Frere broke up last week. I kept putting off going to see them live, and now I guess I'll never have the chance. Blech.

* * *

In completely unrelated news, I'm very, very, very excited about finally getting to see Pan's Labyrinth tomorrow night.


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