May. 13th, 2010

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Lesley shared a cool article about so-called "Benevolent Sexism".
In general, benevolent sexism manifests itself in a paternalistic stance ("Men take care of women.") that is couched in notions of complementarity ("Men have leadership gifts and women have relational gifts.") and chivalry (i.e., the princess in the tower or the damsel in distress: Women wait and watch while we rescue/work/sacrifice/struggle for them). Overtly, these attitudes seem kind and noble but, structurally, they keep power firmly in the hands of men. It's a soft, sweet paternalism. A benevolent sexism.
Read the rest here:
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White Crosses is the new Against Me! album. I think it's a much better record, overall, than New Wave was, but it's still not really what I want from an Against Me! record. It's probably a failing on my part, but nonetheless, it's a record I'd enjoy more if it had been released by a different band.

Still, the video for "I Was A Teenage Anarchist" is pretty awesome.

UPDATE: Tom Gabel on "I Was A Teenage Anarchist".

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